Q: I heard about an ONYXCON in February or March. Is it only then?

A: ONYXCON - the formal, big event takes place typically every August in Atlanta, GA. We also have a smaller event that we do especially dedicated to 'Black History' related to popular Arts and that event is ONYXCON: SANKOFA which takes place typically in February or early March. Both events are signature ONYXCON events with all the fun and edutainment our audiences have come to know. 'Sankofa' is often held at the SOUTH FULTON Arts Center and ONYXCON the big event is held at SOUTHWEST ARTS CENTER. Both are in the Atlanta area.

Q: What is edutainment and what are Popular Arts? I see that associated with ONYXCON.

A: EDUTAINMENT = Education and Entertainment together. We pride ourselves at ONYXCON in wanting our events to reflect a mixture of these elements. We want entertainment to have some form of substance and sustainable, progressive impact on our communities and the world. Popular Arts pertain to any and all forms of the Arts that are commonly supported and revered such as science fiction/fantasy films, comic books and graphic novels, speculative fiction novels, video games, and toys are but a few major examples. All of these can often be found at ONYXCON with a focus on/created by peoples of the African Diaspora.

Q: So is ONYXCON for everyone?

A: Of course it is. ONYXCON is an event that welcomes all peoples and cultures to enrich your appreciation of the popular Arts and Arts in general through respecting and celebrating the impact, contributions, and presence of the African Diaspora in these Arts.

Q: So I see a lot of cartoon and comic book stuff. Does this mean it's only for KIDS?

A: NO. ONYXCON is an event made for the entire family!  Most of our vendors and presenters have material suitable for pre teens, teens, and adults. But we also have vendors with children's books, coloring/activity books, and comics geared toward young readers. Some of the events activities are especially for youth. Generally we are a conscious environment that supports and encourages all ages to read, draw, write, dance, build, and explore through realms of imagination!

Q: Can I drop my kids off at ONYXCON and come get them later?

A: NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! ANY youth under the age of 12 must  be accompanied by an adult while in attendance. No child is ever to be left alone. Ever! We will not accept parents not paying attention to and keeping a steady eye on their child. Any child reported missing or loss, upon being reunited with parents may be asked to leave the event.  ONYXCON is NOT a daycare.

Q: Can I Cosplay at ONYXCON? And what if I want to be a zombie, for instance?

A: SURE! Cosplayers are welcome at ONYXCON. Just KEEP IT TASTEFUL & CONSIDERATE. If you wanted to cosplay as a zombie for example, it would be advised not to go all out with the blood and guts. As a matter of fact, it is not encouraged at all  because we do have young children in attendance and even some adults may feel put off by seeing gore makeup that resembles actual wounds, etc. TASTEFUL - again understand that we have all ages at ONYXCON. No see through costumes revealing one's intimates and no lewd words or symbols on one's attire.  All weapons will be checked and all must not be harmful as determined by ONYXCON staff.

*Side note: In one's personal regular dress, do not attend ONYXCON if you think it stylish to sag your pants. We do not tolerate sagging. ONYXCON management feels this action to be dysfunctional and not merely a 'style' of choice.

Q: Can I smoke outside the building?

A: There is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING permitted on the premises at any ONYXCON event. Thank you for not smoking. No alcohol or drugs permitted either, naturally. Violators can and will be prosecuted.

Q: I have a very small or even a big company that films events. I can even just use my smart phone to film. Or is it okay if  I come through with a film crew?

A: Apply for a press pass. ONYXCON official press passes are available via request at ONYXCON@GMAIL.COM . Be prepared to prove your press credentials with samples of your previous work, names of all in group, website, etc. General recordings: Technically no one is authorized to record at ONYXCON, even with smart phones and other devices outside of personal use and sharing. If your recording/photos are made public they are subject to ONYXCON's scrutiny if discovered and are found to be a poor representation of ONYXCON. If such material is found after/during an event online or otherwise, you may be asked to cease and desist distribution of the poor content. For best results, always ask first and be willing to share footage with the event  ( after attending to be sure it is fine to post on youtube/facebook/etc. Approval of passes DOES NOT exclude payment of admission to events in most cases. Details in application.  Just showing up with cameras and mics , speaking well, and explaining your prior engagements does NOT equal entry or right to proceed. IF you/company is approved with press pass, this still comes with responsibility to respect those who ask not to be filmed, photographed, or recorded. Anyone found abusing this request as NOT to film/record in any way without press credentials or permission from ONYXCON in writing can and will be escorted from the event. ONYXCON works directly with Fulton County Police Department for our primary security. Please take this very seriously. We do.

Q: Is there food at ONYXCON?

A: Pending on which part of the event, there is food. At our annual Art Exhibition opening, typically on a Friday in August - we have light refreshments.

On Saturday of the main event in August we have usually one main food vendor who provides light snacks and drinks for sale.

Q: At ONYXCON's main event in August, are the Art pieces in the exhibition for sale?

A: Every August, we have an Official Art Exhibition and works are shown by creative talents from all over the world. ONYXCON: Sankofa also has displays at times. Often times these works are originals and prints. If you wish to purchase a piece in the show, leave your information with an official ONYXCON administrator OR ask for a gallery representative at the venue, who will get your info to the Artist. ONYXCON nor either of our event's venues handle sales directly. We can offer to connect collector to the Artist.  WE ENCOURAGE COLLECTORS TO $UPPORT OUR ARTIST!


Q: I want to be a vendor. How do I sign up?

A:See the VENDING tab here on this site!

Q: Can I just come and hand out fliers, or show people my books and sale a few as I walk around, or give people free merchandise to encourage more customers for my company?

NO, NO, and ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you paid for a table at ONYXCON, you would be highly disappointed to see someone who only paid admission to the event walk around and promote, sell, and solicit free samples of anything. These are all actions that are the rights of certified vendors ONLY. If you wish to be a part - contribute to the event, apply, be accepted, and earn it. NO exceptions.

Q: I am a certified vendor this year and wanted to know, can I just have my friend drop something off at my table and just say hi real quick and then leave without paying admission?

A: NO. Anyone entering the event should support the event. PAY. ONYXCON is one of the most affordable events of it's kind. $UPPORT THIS or do not attend.

Q: Can I play music at my table?

A: You cannot play music without head phones. This cannot be loud enough to compete with music already provided by ONYXCON's official DJay(s). You can play bring headphones for customers to hear what you wish them to experience while at your table. If you are selling music, the same applies. All music is to be approved by ONYXCON prior to being presented.

Q: So do I have to send an application or can I just pay? I don't like contracts.

A: ONYXCON requires application processes PERIOD. All certified vendors must go through the application process. No exceptions. Apply at ONYXCON@GMAIL.COM Send your name, company name, and images/website link to what you wish to present.

Q: My work is so hot. I am the world's greatest Artist. My book/film/novel, etc. is the greatest ever! Can I be a featured guest at ONYXCON?

A: Featured, Celebrity, and Honored Guest at ONYXCON are selected by the official ONYXCON VENDOR REVIEW COMMITTEE (period). There is a selection process based on acknowledgment of many levels of professionalism, tried and proven leadership, a notable resume based on our standards of accolades, and a willingness to exchange time & expertise for panels, workshops, and lectures via the ONYXCON INSTITUTE. These terms can in certain instances merit 'Guest' status at ONYXCON and may result in certain incentives based on presentation and availability.

Q: I received a PROJECTION LETTER. It says I am not ready to be a vendor at ONYXCON. It states I am not being 'rejected' but being 'projected' to improve. It suggest that I apply to developmental classes. It mentions the ONYXCON INSTITUTE, when are these classes?

A: ONYXCON INSTITUTE is an opportunity for free and low fee panels, lectures, and workshops to support Artist in growing as professionals. There is typically a lecture/panel on the week of ONYXCON's August event. See the 'SCHEDULE' here on this page to stay tuned for details.

Q: I am a vendor this year and I want to pull the ONYXCON (registered) logo from images online and 'photoshop' it on to my book's cover as a symbol that this issue is an ONYXCON Exclusive (registered).

A: NO! You must ask for WRITTEN PERMISSION TO UTILIZE THE 'ONYXCON' LOGO(S), images, characters, or other materials in ANY way. There are NO official/exclusive associations with ONYXCON in written or  visual symbolism, without official written approval/license.