Shorts/teasers listed below will be shown before the official selection Featured Film KIN ! All will run daily whether in the ‘BLACK BOX Theater’/ ‘THEATER BUILDING (SATURDAY ONLY in Theater Building) .

ON SUNDAY all Screenings will be in The BLACK BOX Theater of the Studio Building.



SATURDAY AUGUST 24th 12:30 - 2:50 PM . and again same rotation 4PM - 6:20 PM

SUNDAY AUGUST 25th 12:30 - 2:50 PM and again same rotation 4PM - 6:20 PM



at ONYXCON XI, starring MYLES TRUITT - one of our celebrity guest this year!

KIN is a 2018 American science fiction crime drama film directed by Jonathan and Josh Baker and written by Daniel Casey, based on the 2014 short film Bag Man. The film stars Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor, Zoë Kravitz, Carrie Coon, Dennis Quaid, James Franco, and Michael B. Jordan. The story follows a young boy who finds a strange weapon and his newly paroled brother.



If you have not seen KIN or want to see it again - don’t miss ONYXCON 11 !!!!!

**** All Film Festival screenings included with ONYXCON ADMISSION!


KIN WILL BE SHOWN WITH PREVIEWS and The Following SHORTS prior to each screening on SATURDAY and SUNDAY .

KIN (2018) LionsGate Films . duration 1 hr 42 minutes.

*KIN, shown with official licensing via LionsGate affiliate - SWANK Films.

A teaser trailer for RETURNED 2 from Director LAMONT GANT / CREATIVE GENIUS FILMS . 1:02 minutes    ALSO    A special short from the original film ‘RETURNED’ . IXOE’S JOURNEY 4:21

A teaser trailer for RETURNED 2 from Director LAMONT GANT / CREATIVE GENIUS FILMS . 1:02 minutes


A special short from the original film ‘RETURNED’ . IXOE’S JOURNEY 4:21

Still from Potty Break 2019 A Freddie Lee Jones III Production.    Potty Break  (2019) a short by Freddie Lee Jones III genre: comical/silly scary/fun RATED PG (mild language and alcohol drinking)    Partygoer makes the ultimate mistake by violating a known rule of a public restroom.

Still from Potty Break 2019 A Freddie Lee Jones III Production.

Potty Break (2019) a short by Freddie Lee Jones III genre: comical/silly scary/fun RATED PG (mild language and alcohol drinking)

Partygoer makes the ultimate mistake by violating a known rule of a public restroom.

Art for Movie Poster by TONI TAYLOR

Art for Movie Poster by TONI TAYLOR

Featured Short…

BOSS is a film short written, executive produced, and cast by Joseph R Wheeler III who stars as The BOSS.  BOSS is the tale of a mystical Artist leader and his team of fellow creatives facing the challenge of symbolic disruption in forms of anti-progressive social media, political, and pop culture chaos. Directed and co-produced by Lamont Gant /Creative Genius Films! 

  • DURATION is 13:13  minutes


Darius Lomax stars as SPHINX

Darius Lomax was born & raised in Pittsburg, PA. She is a wife, mother, licensed cosmetologist, a fashion designer/seamstress of her own company, just to name a few roles. Now residing outside Atlanta, she is a new transplant.

Darius started freelance modeling in 2009 which led to acting in 2014 with her first supporting role in Creative Genius Films' No Time For Love. Darius loves romance films, comedy, family, and crime dramas.

'While I feel as though modeling, acting, being part of the Arts & entertainment industry brings me a great sense of accomplishment; who I really do it for is my children. I need them to know that they can be what & whoever they want to be in this life, no matter the cards they were dealt. My role in BOSS was a lot of fun (behind the scenes) as well as challenging. Having to be serious and keep a straight face was EXTREMELY difficult for me being that I'm naturally happy and bubbly. It was an honor to be selected for this role and I am forever grateful.-

@HandmadebyPureDari on facebook

@puredari and @lovemodeldari on instagram


Crystal Jasmin stars as KALI

Crystal is a Bay Area/Oakland born and raised talent with a BS in Criminal Justice and focus on Law Enforcement. She is an accomplished actress ever training in her craft with past credits as a leading lady of music videos, plus print modeling for hair, cosmetic, and clothing lines. A recent Atlanta transplant, she waste no time hitting the ground running for auditions and opportunities in the local film industry. An accomplished cheerleader with a natural cheery girl vibe, Crystal is also a markswoman with martial arts training and aspirations to be seen in roles as more than just the girl next door. Her part in BOSS as Kali a break out opportunity to showcase her range as a tough but sexy enforcer.

@crystaljasminactor on ig


Joseph R Wheeler III stars as The BOSS

Joseph R Wheeler III is a true ATLien, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Known first as a visual Artist he completed foundation studies Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, NY, and his BFA in 1997 at Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD Atlanta).

In 2009 Wheeler founded the pop art cultural convention ONYXCON, LLC.

The ‘Made in Georgia’ film industry boom led to a paradigm shift in 2014 as Joseph transitioned his creative talents toward a dream of acting, writing, and producing films. He has had roles/features in Day Black, Domestic Seduction, Brothers In Atlanta, Being Marry Jane, Mann and Wife, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Dynasty, Ozark (season 2), and Kevin Hart’s Night School. An ONYXCON Commercial 2017 co-starring Theresa Sullivan was his 1st project with industry partner and friend director Lamont Gant of Creative Genius Films. The short entitled BOSS is Wheeler’s first film! @jrw3art on fb @jrw3Artist on ig


Uny Que Carlyle stars as ARTIST OF REASON

Born in Miami, FL and raised in Oxford, England (13 years), moved to other countries and states. Coming from Hawaii she settled in Atlanta in 2012.

Trained in hand-to-hand combat like Mui Thai, Jui Jitsu, and weaponry, UnyQue is also a personal chef with culinary arts training who loves to show how food can heal the body.

With no formal film training UnyQue had her 1st acting job on Divergent doing stunts.

I am happy to be a part of BOSS because Joseph Wheeler III is a great friend of mine, and to be a part of an idea he created is a blessing twice over. the group of actors in BOSS is family, and you always take care of family, or at least try to.

@le_uny_que1 on ig


Rachel Sorensen stars as VIXEN

Rachel moved to Atlanta in 2013 from her home in South Dakota to pursue her lifelong love of storytelling through acting. She began working as an extra and stand-in in 2014. Rachel has since had roles in a variety of film and television productions.

imdb - Rachel Sorensen


Erich Harvey stars as THE TRAITOR

Originally from Schenectady, NY, Erich has by and large worked behind the camera,
in the studio and backstage.
As a performer, he has primarily focused on his pantomime and percussion skills.
He has been seen (featured) on Halt Catch Fire, Saints + Sinners, Greenleaf
and The Quad, as Dr. Tyson.
Erich’s face is seen and his hands are heard on the TruTV’s gameshow, Paid Off.

Finding his voice is next.
He is honored to build with the ONYXCON Family and serve on the BOSS SKWAAAAD!

@heart_link_maker on ig


Michele Elliott stars as The TRAITOR LADY

Michele is originally from Georgia and has several years experience working in community and professional theatre.

She has completed a commercial for Atlanta Hartsfield Maynard International Airport. Also independent films such as Domestic Seduction from About Face Media (available on Amazon Prime) and a web series called Never Stop. Check out more of her credits on her IMDb page and Follow her on IG: @missmichele2012.


Lakeia Hodges stars as K Millennial / Blogger 1

Lakeia Hodges is from Charleston, South Carolina. She received her B.A. in theatre. Her recent productions have been "And They Called It Jazz", "Disco" and "Holiday Cabaret". Last year, she moved to Atlanta to pursue her acting and singing career. She is beyond excited to join the cast of BOSS.

@lakeia2018 on ig


Richard Tilford stars as The DISRUPTOR

Richard Tilford became involved with the film industry when he relocated to the Atlanta area in 2016. He has acted in short films, music videos, and other creative projects. His roles have a wide range such as biker, redneck, and villain, to construction worker, prisoner, and teacher. He enjoys working with people who want to get their visions out into the world. Richard is also involved with behind the scenes photography and videography. He has worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii, drove tour buses in California, and traveled to world destinations including Costa Rica, Europe, China and Australia. Richard is honored to have worked with so many talented people in Atlanta. He wishes everyone the best and knows we can accomplish anything if we can work together. We are all connected.

@richard.tilford on ig


Warren Jones stars as YUNG SAGGER

Warren fell into acting about 4 years ago when he moved to Atlanta. He previously studied photography and has found a passion for performing on camera as well. His early success landing speaking roles on tv shows like Homicide Hunter and Fatal Attraction in his first months of acting led him to pursue it more vigorously and study the craft. He has since made appearances in films such as Hidden Figures and commercials like BET's Man Cave, Aetna, Blue Cross and more.

@warrenxjones on ig


Shaun Camp stars as BIG WOKE

Born March 1, 1980, Shaun Camp is an American actor, producer, singer, and entrepreneur. He hails from his hometown Conyers, GA where he graduated from Heritage High School and excelled in football, wrestling, track, and chorus. Shaun attended Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA where he majored in Sports Management.

Shaun can be seen in a number of films and TV shows in different background and feature roles, but is best known for his role as Big Felix the Fixer in the controversial indie cult film Whitefolks, in which he was also an associate producer. He enjoys comedies and crime/drama films, and rooting on his hometown Atlanta sports teams in his free time.

@soultank76 on ig


Isabella Keller & Givanni Durr star as The CHILDREN / the FUTURE

BOSS' youngest stars at 8 and 4 are Givanni and Isabella. This brother and sister team give new dimension to our story.

Isabella Nicole Keller was born in Tampa, FL then moved to New York City at age 1 to pursue modeling. Has modeled for several agencies and photographer Ashley Canay in Tampa,FL. Isabella is extremely talented at age 8 and professional. Recently moved to Atlanta in September 2017 and was thrilled at the opportunity to be in the film BOSS.

Givanni Durr age 5. Is originally from Tampa,FL. Recently moved to Atlanta September 2017. He has modeled for photographer Nicko Gordon. Givanni has an incredible imagination and is extremely excited to have the privilege of being apart of something so impactful like the film BOSS.




THE ONYXCON FILM FESTIVAL was made official in 2016. We have always shown and embraced cinema as one of the ultimate expressions of the Arts in unison. We love film and are dedicated to featuring talent filled productions from all over the world and local to Georgia that honor our mission. We fully support and celebrate MADE IN GEORGIA films.   ONE of our 1st OFFICIAL SELECTIONS was RETURNED from CREATIVE GENIUS FILMS!