was another outstanding year for ONYXCON! 


So what is/was #ONYXCON_BOSS

BOSS is/was THE THEME OF ONYXCON 7!  It is the title of the official Art Exhibition, on view at SOUTHWEST ARTS CENTER through September 11, 2015!  The concept is exploring the iconography of true respect, power, capital, coolness, boldness, confidence, swagger, action/adventure, being cosmopolitan, grit and grind, and all of what it takes to lead or follow a great plan through to fruition.

Joseph R Wheeler III (Artist, Founder/President of ONYXCON) foresees the global appeal and growth of the gritty, urban/other setting, action, suspense, genre in film, network TV shows, web-series, video games, and more.

This is by no means new it just goes through peak phases. We are in a peak. This is a BOSS phase.’  - JRW III